Infomercials are one of the best ways to market your product directly to the public. Imagine, a complete ½ hour show devoted entirely to selling your product.

ADTown has produced programs and bought media for many highly successful infomercials; and can bring that expertise to your company. We will work with you to create the show from initial concept through product fulfillment. We will:

  • Write the script
  • Cast the talent
  • Score the music
  • Shoot the show either in our studio or on location
  • Add graphics
  • Edit
  • Obtain 800 numbers, merchant banking accounts, and fulfillment centers
  • AND buy the media depending on your specific needs.

ADTown's Media Buying Department knows where to place your infomercial for optimum sales results. Depending on your budget, we can air your spots on national cable networks reaching 80 million households or on local broadcast stations and cable systems. More importantly, we know which networks, stations, and systems have worked for previous clients.